Wagen Worx
All remaps from Wagen Worx you can expect:
  • A more responsive engine.
  • Smoother, more linear power delivery.
  • Improved acceleration for safer overtaking.
Turbo Diesel:
  • Up to 40% more power and torque.
  • Enhanced throttle response.
  • Removal of flat spots.
  • Improved fuel economy.
Turbo Petrol:
  • Up to 30% more power.
  • Up to 35% more torque.
  • Enhanced throttle response.
  • Removal of flat spots.
Non-turbo Petrol:
  • Up to 10% improvement in power and torque.
  • Enhanced throttle response.
  • Removal of flat spots.
Where applicable we can also:
  • Increase the rpm limiter of the engine to gain the very best of it, more applicable to non-turbo petrol engines.

Please note that these fiqures are as a general idea, some engines we can get more power gains, other less.

The hidden dangers of diesel tuning and remapping:
A few things to consider before purchasing a remap.

Having been in the business of recalibrating O. E Engine management systems, we have been watching the market change with a mixture of disappointment and dismay. It is an unfortunate fact of life now that there are many products on the market that give anyone with a little computer knowledge access to the engine run calibration stored within a vehicles ECU.

This was always going to happen as all the manufacturers now allow ECU recalibrating via computer so that faults can be ironed out at dealer level.

The problem is, you can easily go online and buy yourself a relatively cheap diesel tuning and remapping programmer that will both read and write the file in your engine management system, which means if you had the means and know how to edit it, you could alter the way the engine runs. This is where the problems have started to arise as not only can you buy the hardware, you can also buy files on a CD that claim to offer the same as the professionals do. These CD's often have some 10,000 modified ECU's files for them, and all for only £4. Does that sound like a professional has made them to you?

Generally speaking, these files have been stolen from one or another company over the years and been compiled onto CD/DVD. Are the files good? Nobody knows... will they kill your engine? Well, we sure wont be finding out.

At the end of the day, this is a high technology industry that requires constant re-investment in tooling and skills due to the sheer pace of the technology utilised on modern vehicles. Anyone diesel tuning or remapping at O. E. level as we are needs to be constantly retraining and have access to the best tooling and software that money can buy.

When a professional does the work he will start with your OWN original file so that all immobiliser and chassis information is retained, as well as any updates you have had installed from the factory such as personality settings and bug fixes etc.

Easy access to your original calibration file if you need it.

Power and torque improvement guaranteed.

Fuel economy improvements if turbo diesel powered.


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